Virtual Spaghetti VsNotepad 2.51

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009 di 02.37

Requirements : PocketPC Windows Mobile 5/6
Overview :
VsNotepad package offers users an unusual way to introduce and systematize the business and personal records. New version of the package VsNotepad works twice as fast compared to previous versions, supports underscores the text contains a multifunctional calculator, as well as manager of records and mechanism of upcoming cases. The main innovation in version 2.0 developers feel the emergence of certain notebooks in which the user can write clearly divided on various topics, such as workstations and personal.

Also in the package VsNotepad tools for drawing model shapes - rectangles, ellipses and lines. For the first time in a package VsNotepad an opportunity of lifting operations, as well as the possibility of individual pages or entire notebook full as JPEG. Another important innovation was to support full-screen mode for entering entries in notebooks.

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