Resco Contact Manager v2.02

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009 di 11.15

Requirements : WM5 / WM6
Overview :
Manages your contacts in a fast and pleasant way.
Resco announces the arrival of the Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition, the follower of a popular application capable of managing your contacts, calls and SMS. Beta version has been released today.
The program got a brand new shape with a plenty of visual changes and functional add-ons. The key factor affecting the new version development was the growing popularity of social networks such as Facebook. Facebook integration, therefore, represents the key feature of Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition.
  • Enhanced Facebook Integration
  • Support for Google Maps Application
  • Group Operations
  • Send SMS to group members
  • Send MMS to group members
  • Send E-mail to group members
  • Set Ringtone to group members
  • Delete Contacts
  • Fully Customizable Today Plug-in

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    luar biasa
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