SPB Mobile Shell v3.5

Sabtu, 31 Oktober 2009 di 16.08

Requirements : WM5/WM6
Overview :
Spb Mobile Shell is the first program a Pocket PC user needs to install. It dramatically improves the standard user interface and adds features that most users expect from a modern PDA phone.
New widgets :
  • Tasks
  • Picture frame (widget and fullscreen slideshow)
  • Facebook status
  • Twitter status
  • Birthdays reminders
  • Four instant wireless switches (WiFi, Bluetooth, Flight Mode, and Phone Switch)
  • Internet search
  • Operator's name
  • Date
  • Alarm


Resco Sudoku Touch v1.50

di 15.58

Requirements : PocketPC 2000, 2002, 2003(SE), WM5, WM6
Windows Phone (Touch Screen and Non-touch Screen); VGA, WQVGA, QVGA, WVGA and Square resolution.
Overview :
The most advanced Sudoku for Windows Mobile ever. Millions of puzzles, One-hand use, HINTS system, and more. With Resco Sudoku, you'll also have a skinable interface and the ability to create your own puzzles, so you can customize the game to make it uniquely yours. Go ahead, take the challenge and have some fun with Resco Sudoku.
New features:
  • Brand new puzzle engine
  • Supports HD display resolutions
  • Includes new backgrounds
Instruction : Disable antivirus to use the keygen.

Payment Proof for KlikAjaDeh

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009 di 09.51

Dapat bayaran lagi dari situs PTC lokal. Kali ini dari KlikAjaDeh. Sesuai dengan tema PTC-nya Cara gampang dapat Uang, memang KlikAjaDeh ini tergolong PTC yang sampai saat ini tetap eksis dan terus berkembang. Jumlah minimum untuk request pembayaran adalah sebesar Rp.50.000,-, dan proses pembayarannya sesuai dengan TOS yg telah ditetapkan yaitu sekitar 1 minggu. Tapi kemarin sewaktu request pembayaran yg perdana ini, 5 hari proses uangnya sudah ditransfer ke rekening BCA.
Berikut adalah bukti pembayaran melalui rekening BCA :
  • 1st payment proof for KlikAjaDeh ; untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan klik pada gambar berikut
  • 2nd payment proof for KlikAjaDeh ; untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan klik pada gambar berikut
  •  3rd payment proof for KlikAjaDeh ; untuk lebih jelasnya silahkan klik pada gambar berikut

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Payment Proof for TrekPay

Rabu, 21 Oktober 2009 di 00.12
Baru saja terima pembayaran dari TrekPay. Meskipun pembayarannya tidak secara instant tapi tidak begitu lama untuk menunggu pembayarannya masuk ke PayPal. Sesuai dengan TOS-nya memang membutuhkan 7 hari sejak request pembayaran sampai terima direkening PayPal.

TrekPay adalah PTC yg agak lain dari PTC2 umumnya. TrekPay memberikan award dalam bentuk point/credit atas setiap aktifitas yang kita kerjakan, mulai dari membuka iklan yang diberikan hingga referral advertiser. Point/Credit yg kita dapatkan akan dikonversi tiap minggu kedalam dollar. Dan bila telah mengumpulkan $5.5 maka kita bisa minta dibayarkan ke rekening Paypal kita.
Berikut adalah bukti pembayaran melalui PayPal
  • 1st Paymant proof ; untuk lebih jelasnya klik pada gamabr berikut
  • 2nd Paymant proof ; untuk lebih jelasnya klik pada gamabr berikut

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Resco Contact Manager v2.02

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2009 di 11.15

Requirements : WM5 / WM6
Overview :
Manages your contacts in a fast and pleasant way.
Resco announces the arrival of the Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition, the follower of a popular application capable of managing your contacts, calls and SMS. Beta version has been released today.
The program got a brand new shape with a plenty of visual changes and functional add-ons. The key factor affecting the new version development was the growing popularity of social networks such as Facebook. Facebook integration, therefore, represents the key feature of Resco Contact Manager 2nd Edition.
  • Enhanced Facebook Integration
  • Support for Google Maps Application
  • Group Operations
  • Send SMS to group members
  • Send MMS to group members
  • Send E-mail to group members
  • Set Ringtone to group members
  • Delete Contacts
  • Fully Customizable Today Plug-in

Chopper Alley 3D v1.52

di 11.06

Requirements : WM 2002, 2003, WM5
Overview :
Pilot some of the greatest helicopters of all time through 29 grueling 3D missions. Select your helicopter and add your favorite equipment. Learn the basic skills in the training missions and get ready to unleash justice upon the world!
Features :
  • Six unique Choppers
  • Eight cool Weapons
  • Six photorealistic Sceneries, each featuring a unique location, environment og weather/sky
  • Twenty-nine Missions, featuring air combat, ground attacks, stealth and rescue operations
  • Portrait and Landscape mode available during game play
  • Highly detailed scrolling 2D map
  • Snapshot is available at the touch of a button, to perpetuate your finest moments, and to taunt your friends: "Can your PPC do this?"
  • Highly configurable - adjust draw distance, image quality and various other options to get the right mix between speed and graphics
  • Six photorealistic sceneries filled with enemies both in the air and on the ground, highly detailed trucks, tanks, helicopters, jeeps, houses and structures - all modelled in full 3D with incredible attention to detail.

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