Spb Wallet 1.5

Selasa, 23 Juni 2009 di 02.34
Spb Wallet 1.5

Spb Wallet 1.5, a secure and manageable storage of sensitive information. Pocket PC and Smartphone users can safely keep passport and account numbers, access and PIN codes, logins and passwords in Spb Wallet, access the data from desktop PCs, and have it synchronized among multiple mobile devices. Spb Wallet puts an end to keeping the most sensitive information exposed on SIM-cards, in address books, and in text files.
  • The Smartphone version
  • The toolbar working in both Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Auto supply of user name and password in IE and Firefox
  • Improved automatic password supply algorithms, support for frames and script-generated pages
  • Import from SplashID and custom CSV format, an Importing Wizard for configuring importing mappings
  • Skinned customizable buttons, punctuation symbols, and backspace in Logon Panel
  • Localized cards templates
  • Enhanced card view and smoothed user experience
Spb Wallet is compatible with Windows Mobile 2003 and 5.0 for Pocket PC , Windows Mobile 6 Professional and Standard devices, Windows Mobile 5.0 for Smartphones, as well as Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista on desktop.

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