Phoney Call 1.0

Selasa, 23 Juni 2009 di 01.04
Phoney Call 1.0

PhoneyCall - a fake call generator which allows you to simulate incoming phone calls to get out of sticky situations, drive your sales talks or just fool your friends.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a boring situation, where you wished you had a good excuse to get out of? PhoneyCall provides the perfect excuse by ringing your phone at the right time, giving you a plausible reason to get out of that uncomfortable situation.

PhoneyCall comes with pre-recorded communications sounds, or you can create your own. So not only will the fake call ring on your phone, but you can have an interactive chat with the fake caller. For a bystander this sounds even more realistic!

Phone Caller View
  • An identical replica of the Windows Mobile device's real incoming call screen
  • Name and number of the fake caller are displayed
  • Customisable “Ignore” and “Answer” buttons
Caller Setup
  • Make up a fake caller or choose an existing contact from your phone book
  • Specify a unique ringtone and conversation sound (choose from pre-installed sounds or make your own)
  • Configure audio settings for both the ringtone and the conversation sound to simulate a real interactive conversation
  • Schedule incoming calls to ring at pre-determined times / dates
  • Up to 3 scheduled fake calls possible
  • Use the “Instant+5” button to set up a call within 5 minutes with just 3 key presses

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