Call Sms Blocker

Kamis, 25 Juni 2009 di 23.32
Call Sms Blocker

Requirements: WM2003 Phone edition; WM2003SE Phone edition; WM5 Phone edition
Application to create blacklist/whitelist to block incoming calls and sms.

  • no notification on device
  • action for calls to block: hangup, pickup/hangup, mute and optionally reply with sms
  • action for sms to block: move to 'waste basket', move to 'blocked', reject, hide and optionally reply with sms
  • read pocket's contacts, sim contacts and call history
  • icon in tray to fast access
  • notifications optionally on blocked items
  • Integration on pocket outlook contacts, call history and today plugin
  • english, italian language
Tested devices list:
- HTC (Qtek, I-mate, Dopod, XDA families);
- HP (6515);
- Sprint (PPC6700);
- moboDA 3360;
- Treo 750v: sms filter doesn't work fully; - 26 Mar '07
Separated counters from notification/today plugin
little improvements

Download Instructions: Registration any 8 digits

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